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Author : Ebony Hawkins
Update time : 2021-08-13 16:00:22
  A third of the world's population drinks coffee, a figure that might surprise you, but it's true. If you've ever been in a coffee shop, there's one other thing you need to take away besides the coffee and the cup, the sleeves for cups. What is this for? Maybe some people think it is superfluous or even waste of materials. That's right. Sleeves for cups are our topic today.
 sleeves for cups 
  The appearance of sleeves for cups
  Freshly brewed coffee can be very hot and even burn people, but does that mean there should be a lawsuit? You'll be surprised when it does happen. In fact, on February 22, 1992, Stella Liebeck, a woman in her 70s, bought a cup of coffee at McDonald's and spilled it all over the floor. That caused severe burns to her thighs, buttocks and abdomen. She was taken to hospital to have a skin grafted. This extremely painful process is unfortunately prevented by the addition of warning labels, coffee sleeves and insulated cups or trays to today's coffee cups.
  Soon after that, coffee sleeves were placed on each hot drink cup. They help insulate and hold your hand better; Help prevent slips and spills. Now, you can even go to your local grocery store and buy plastic and foam coffee with sleeves to keep your drink hot  and prevent it from spilling on yourself.
  The merits of sleeves for cups
  In life, many cups hold hot drinks?when the hands are not convenient to contact directly, so there is a cup sleeve. So what are the specific advantages of cup sleeves?
  Heat insulation: can effectively isolate the heat after pouring hot water into the cup, to prevent users from being scalded;
  Anti-skid: especially the uneven surface can effectively increase the friction of the outer wall of the cup, prevent the cup from falling;
  Anti-fall: protect the cup wear or broken, has certain characteristics of anti-fall protection;
  Beautiful: can do a variety of modeling, can design a variety of colors, eliminate the glass transparent monotonous characteristics, increase the appearance;
  Heat preservation: cup sleeves can play the role of heat insulation.
  Whether you live alone, with friends or with family, we know that there is always one thing that is similar - the love of coffee and tea and the time spent on those refreshing sips. People decoratively decorate their bedrooms, dining rooms, living areas, even their bathrooms, but forget to pick the best products for the Spaces where they spend their most peaceful moments in the morning and evening after a long day at work. We suggest you make the most of these moments by bringing beautiful themes to your coffee moments. Get elegant coffee cups and cup sleeves in tones and designs that match your personality. After all, their advantage is so obvious.
  Making sleeves for cups
  You can even make your own coffee sleeves with some cardboard, Velcro, scissors, markers, colored tape, and glue. Just cut the cardboard into circles and fold it around the cup. Apply tape when the size is correct. They then shape a heavy fabric around it and stick it to it to increase friction and get an anti-slip insulation effect. This is a simple and inexpensive solution to avoid scalding your hand with a hot cup. As you can see, without proper protection and grip, drinking coffee can be very dangerous and even fatal in some cases. The coffee case is a very useful tool that can be used to prevent yourself from getting burned and still enjoy your coffee. You no longer need to avoid your favorite beverage for fear of burns or spills. Even in the event of a slip, the cup holder helps reduce the chance of breaking.
  It shows the importance of the sleeves for cups, it is really a great invention. Hyde offers eco-friendly products for homes and businesses, specializing in certified compostable products that can replace products that harm the environment. You can find a range of paper cups with sleeves on our website.

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