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Update time : 2021-08-02 16:53:50
  As any coffee enthusiast knows, a good cup of coffee requires not only good beans and skilled extraction, but also a crucial supporting role for the best coffee cups. Choose the right cup, the coffee can be perfect appearance to improve the quality of life sense.
  The classification: the coffee cup on the market is generally divided into porcelain cups,ceramic cups, glasses,plastic and paper cups according to the material of the cup.Different materials have a certain effect on the taste and quality of coffee.The best coffee cups can fully reflect the flavor of coffee, but a bad cup will ruin a good cup of coffee.
   best coffee cups
  Porcelain cups
  The most common coffee cups are white porcelain, bone China and so on.
  The surface of these cups is smooth, the material is very light, the color of the exterior is soft, the glaze forms different colors and patterns, among which the bone China is thin and transparent, delicate and wear-resistant. According to the analysis of market data,porcelain cups are the most widely applicable. The white porcelain cup is the best partner to make boutique coffee, because the white porcelain cup is best for observing the color and concentration of the coffee liquid.
  Ceramic cups
  The surface of cups with clay fire is relatively rough, have a temperament of primitive simplicity and sincere breath. This type of coffee cup is usually a favorite of coffee players who are looking for a sense of culture and history, and they love the ancient flavor of pottery coffee cups. However, ceramic coffee cups have a disadvantage, because the cup wall is not smooth enough to cause the coffee stain is more easily attached to the cup surface, which is not conducive to cleaning.
  Glass cups
  The main feature of glass products is transparency, glass coffee cups are the same. Now there is a double glass coffee cup, not only can heat insulation to prevent burns, but also has a good thermal insulation effect, which is definitely a prominent advantage in winter. In addition, serving espresso and fancy coffee like latte and macchiato in a glass is a good way to show the layered sense of coffee.

  Plastic cups
  The temperature of freshly brewed hot coffee is usually high. When drinking coffee in a plastic cup, the smell of the cup is likely to destroy the original taste of the coffee and affect the taste of the coffee. Moreover, when the temperature of plastic exceeds a certain level, it may produce some toxic substances that are harmful to the body. But with iced coffee, the plastic cups are better for those who like iced coffee or need to take away. So if you like to drink hot coffee, you must choose other materials of coffee cup!

  Paper cups
  Not to mention the advantages and disadvantages of paper products, we all know. Its advantages are mainly highlighted in environmental protection, sanitation and convenience.The easy degradation of paper products plays a great role in protecting the environment; disposable paper coffee cups do not need to spend other time and manpower cleaning after drinking. They can be discarded after use, which is friendly to restaurants and hospitals. However, paper cups also have two sides. It depends on the quality of the paper cup you choose. It is very dangerous to use inferior paper cups, because the coffee liquid may make the paper cups soft and there is a danger of leakage. Inferior paper cups may add other chemicals that may affect human health. Therefore, we need to choose high-quality paper cups produced by regular manufacturers to avoid these shortcomings.
  There are many kinds of coffee cups to choose. What can affect the flavor of coffee is the material of the cup. We should choose suitable cups according to different preferences, such as hot coffee or iced coffee, instant coffee or brewed coffee, fancy coffee or strong coffee, bitter coffee or coffee with sugar and cream. It also needs to match the right coffee cups for different use scenarios, if you want to quietly sitting in cafes enjoy afternoon tea time, that there is no doubt that ceramic cups and glasses is the best choice, if you are in a hurry to take coffee, or in the hospital, and other needs to pay attention to the public health, plastic cups and paper cup is the most suitable partner. There is no very clear definition of the best coffee cups, each person's preferences are different, the time and place to taste coffee is also different.Here can only give some small suggestions for your reference.

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